CJRB Knives to Get Excited About

In 2023 CJRB lifted their game massively and have became a leader in the budget knife scene. We've decided to do a bit of a write up about what CJRB knives got us excited last year and we have a sneak peek of a yet to be released model.


CJRB Pyrite Wharncliffe

The CJRB Pyrite Wharncliffe, an evolution of the original Pyrite, emerges as a top-tier EDC. Boasting a modified Wharncliffe blade with a stone-washed finish, it excels in diverse tasks. Crafted from high-chromium AR-RPM9 steel, it guarantees durability and corrosion resistance. The 3.11" blade, featuring a flat grind, operates with a smooth button lock mechanism. The steel handle, combining lightweight design and strength, enhances overall usability. The knife, measuring 7.3" open and 4.2" closed, accommodates various situations. With a steel clip for easy attachment, ceramic ball bearing pivot for swift deployment, and weighing 105g, the Pyrite Wharncliffe epitomizes a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, this knife promises a delightful EDC experience.


CJRB Mini Pyrite

The CJRB Mini Pyrite stands out as a compact EDC powerhouse. Featuring a 2.17" Wharncliffe blade with a sand polish and black PVD coating, it excels with precision and style. Crafted from robust AR-RPM9 steel, the blade ensures durability. The flat grind and button lock mechanism enhance functionality. The aluminum handle, with a steel clip for easy attachment, strikes a perfect balance between weight and strength. Compact at 5.32" open and 3.15" closed, weighing 53g, this Mini Pyrite with ceramic ball bearing pivot promises an efficient and stylish everyday carry experience. Ideal for those who seek portability without compromising on performance, it's a testament to CJRB's commitment to quality and innovation.



The CJRB Mica epitomises compact excellence in EDC knives. Boasting a 2.36" drop-point blade with sand polish and black PVD coating, it marries style with functionality. AR-RPM9 steel ensures robust performance, while the flat grind and button lock enhance utility. Crafted from lightweight aluminum, the handle, complemented by a steel clip, strikes a perfect balance. Weighing just 53g, measuring 5.57" open and 3.21" closed, this Mica is a testament to CJRB's commitment to innovation, offering a stylish, efficient, and portable everyday carry experience. With a ceramic ball bearing pivot, it stands out as a reliable companion for those valuing performance in a compact package.


CJRB Frack

The CJRB Frack commands attention with its robust 3.9" drop-point blade, combining functionality and style with a stone wash and black PVD coating. Crafted from durable AR-RPM9 steel, the blade features a flat grind and button lock mechanism for enhanced utility. The steel handle, steel clip, and ceramic ball bearing pivot ensure reliability. Weighing 140g and measuring 8.9" open and 5" closed, the Frack is a substantial yet manageable everyday carry. CJRB's commitment to quality shines through, delivering a versatile and dependable tool for those seeking a powerful companion in their daily adventures.



CJRB Prado

Coming soon is the Ray Laconico designed CJRB Prado. This new knife has just entered production (Jan 2024) and should be available early this year.

It has a 3.76" AR-RPM9 drop point blade in either black PVD or sandwashed. Not sure if the final version will be button lock or crossbar lock. I'm betting on it being a crossbar lock.

The initial release looks to be in G10 with black, grey, green and yellow available but you can be sure if it sells ok they will soon after release it in carbon fibre and/or titanium.

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