Starting an EDC Knife Collection

When you're getting into knives you may be wondering where to begin so we'll do our best to guide you along.

Becoming a knife knut can come out of nowhere. First you probably got a swiss army knife and discovered how useful it can be. Then you start to appreciate the design and mechanical brilliance of folding pocket knives. And once you get to comparing steels and their uses, the edc knife collecting game has certainly got you.

If you're looking to buy your first or second serious quality pocket knife, here are a few options that let you dip your toe into this world without breaking the bank.


Miguron Moyarl

The Miguron Moyarl is a knife that punches way above it's price tag. A 14C28N blade, perfect for edc, is accompanied by G10 grippy and durable scales (handles), a functional and dependable liner lock and to finish it off a titanium milled pocket clip not usually seen in knives at this price point.


Knafs Lander 1

Ben Petersen from Knafs set out to create the ideal second pocket knife you purchase that was affordable, good quality, not too large and threatening and would allow the user to tinker and customise the knife. He absolutely achieved these goals with the Knafs Lander 1. This knife with a blade length of 2.7" is not too large to earn it's place in your pocket on a daily basis. The D2 blade is ready to be used and is very common on knives in this price range as it provides relatively high wear resistance along with good hardness and toughness.

This knife has been designed to be pulled apart and for the handle scales to be easily changed. This affords you a freedom to explore the knife and to change up the look of it easily without messing with the feel and action of the knife.


Civivi Elementum

The Civivi Elementum is an icon of the knife world. It comes in many different styles with the latest being Ultem scales. D2 steel in satin or black coating with flipper tab opening and a liner lock. It's just a simple and elegant package. Nothing more or less needed. Civivi is a fantastic brand at this price range.


Bestechman Mini Dundee 

A new entry into the edc starter pack is the Bestechman Mini Dundee designed by the legendary Ostap Hel. It comes in a bunch of different colours and brings a bit of a happier feel to your daily carry. Again D2 steel is used with G10 scales, flipper tab and liner lock. This compact knife will melt into your pocket and take all your daily cutting tasks.


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